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The Meeting of Family

(Melissa's P.O.V.)  I was deep in my thoughts, staring at the news paper in front of me.

Portgas D. Ace was set to be executed just three days from now. I also knew that Luffy

would try to do something to prevent it. I was brought out of my thoughts as the ship

jolted. "What the hell?! We just got this ship! You would think that they would be more

careful." Slamming my fist down on my desk, I made my way to the deck. Upon my arrival on

deck, everyone on deck was frozen in their place. "Miyoko, what the hell is going on?!

What the hell happened?!" I growled, my temper getting the best of me. "W..we…uhhh…almost

got plowed into…" Miyoko's voice was a little nervous, not like her. Someone almost hit

MY new ship?! "Who? Their ass is mine! We just got this ship!" I was seeing red. A

tapping on my right shoulder brought me out of my infuriated ranting. Looking behind me,

I saw Koto, she too was nervous and at a loss for words. She pointed as a response to my

question. My eyes followed her pointed finger, and what I saw was definatly not 'who' I

expected to see. Miyoko finally found her voice. "Melissa, I think we are in some deep

shit." There before us was a massive ship, with a white whale for a figurehead. The black

flag flying at the top of its mast. "The Moby Dick." We all heard some shouting of orders

and feet running around on the deck of the Whitebeard Pirates ship. A few men had leaned

over the railing of the ship to get a good look as to who had crossed their path. I knew

they had seen us, and the faces I saw didn't look to happy.


    (Haven's P.O.V.)  "Oyaji! A small ship has just crossed our path! We just managed to

miss hitting it." I opened one eye to see what all of this commotion was about. I was

having a nice nap, until all of this shit broke loose. Looking up at Oyaji, he seemed a

little pissed that this has happened while on our way to take back Ace. "What do you want

us to do, Oyaji?" I noticed the one making the report to Oyaji was Taku. He was the

newest edition to my division, and he was also easily worked up. It never did take much

to set him off. I felt eyes on my back. Looking over my shoulder, my green eyes met with

blue. Marco gave me a nod. Heaving an annoyed sigh, I got up. Taku was still blabbering

on about the 'damn ship' that had almost collided with us. I was beginning to get very

annoyed with it. "Taku! Shut the fuck up!" Oyaji chuckled at my shortness of temper,

however it worked, as always. The newest member of the First Division shut his mouth.

Giving the youngster a stern glare; he mumbled an apology. "Sorry, Vice Commander." Marco

came to stand on my left. I felt an arm snake it's way around my waist. I knew that Marco

was just trying to calm me down. "Taku," All eyes went to the man we saw as our father.

"Take 10 other men and see what their case is." Nodding, Taku did as told, but he

approached me before he left. "Vice Commander, I…" "Go. Do as you were told." My voice

was void of all emotion. Nodding to Marco and I he gathered 10 men from other divisions

and began to carry out Oyaji's orders. I decided I wanted to have a look at this group.

Reaching the side railing; I looked over at the ship and her crew; just as Taku and his

group went over the edge and down to the ship below. Someone on the ship caught my eye; a

young redhead. She seemed feisty and reminded me a lot of my brother. She looked up at

me, and her eyes, face, and hair…she looked just like my brother. "Ahh shit."


  (Melissa P.O.V.) We are in some seriously deep shit  I thought. Eleven men of

the Whitebeard Pirate crew landed on the deck of the 'Rose Bride'. I felt eyes on me, but

I didn't want to take my eyes off of the men in front of me. Looking up; I saw a woman.

She had the same bright red hair as me, but she had green eyes. She also, had two scars,

one over each eye crossing in an 'X' shaped pattern on her forehead. I felt her harsh

stare; as though she wasn't looking at me, but rather through me. She disappeared from

the side of the ship, and I my attention was directed back to the threat on board  the

'Rose Bride'. "Who are you brats? Who is your captain?" Glaring at the man my temper

peeked. "I am. What do you want?" The man glared right back at me. "Do you have any clue

as to who you're dealing with kid?"  I noticed the men began to circle me and my crew

like a pack of hungry wolves. I tried to keep an eye one everyone. One of the larger men

of the group made a reach for Hikari. She kicked his hand away, pissing him off in the

process. He lunged at Hikari, and I lunged at him. "Don't…touch…MY CREW!!!" Colliding

with him was like colliding with a mountain. I tried to keep a grip on him to keep the

ass away from the others, but I was thrown towards my crew. I heard the others calling my

name; from behind me. All 11 of the men closed the circle around us. "That was a stupid

move, kid. A move you won't live to regret." I paled as he leveled his pistol with my

head. I didn't want it to end this way. I had to help Ace! No. Not like this. I want

to help get Ace back! I have to help the others end this!
A loud thud on the deck of

the 'Rose Bride' caught my attention, as well as the attention of everyone else on board.

I could not believe what I was seeing. Making her way through the ring of Whitebeard

Pirates was the same red head I saw just moments before. "Haven, what are you doing,

oi?!" My eyes met with hers, and her stare was even more harsh then it was before. Her

attention went from me to her nakama, who's pistol was still trained on my head. "Vice-

Commander." I continued to watch as she walked over to the man, but it was her actions

that stunned not only me, but her own crew as well.  Grabbing him by his shirt collar she

yanked him down to her level. "Don't…touch…her." She then shoved him back. Her voice was

harsh, and unforgiving as she spoke her orders to the men. "Don't…touch…any of them."

"But Vice-Commander…" She shot her nakama a glare; silencing him instantly. She looked

back at me; grabbing my arm, and yanking me up. "Get the captain and her crew, on the

Moby Dick. Then secure their ship to ours." I didn't understand. Why?


  (Haven's P.O.V.) I watched as the young red head and her crew were escorted aboard the

Moby Dick. We had 3 days until Ace's execution, and now we had to deal with this. I

continued to study her features; as she was brought before Oyaji. A hand on my shoulder

brought me out of my thoughts. Rudy red eyes greeted me, my face still held no emotions.

"You know her." It was more of a statement then a question. "No, Isis. I don't," looking

back towards the small group now standing in front of the old man. "But I know her

family." I walked towards the group. I was already in a pissy mood due to the upcoming

events, and this was making my day a whole lot fucking better.  I just took my place next

to Marco, and Isis took hers next to Vista.

"What is your name, brat?" Oyaji seemed quite pissed as to how things were

turning out. Of course, how could I blame him. "Melissa." Short and to the point, but it

wasn't the information that Oyaji was looking for. The kid held herself well, considering

her situation. Marco walked towards her, preparing to interrogate her further. "Your

crew. You're obviously pirates, oi. I remember hearing a little about you, 'Rose

Princess' Melissa." The look she gave Marco answered all of my question. Just that

'warning' look, and I knew, she was his daughter. I decided if anyone was going to be

asking this kid questions it was going to be me. Walking towards the girl; I cut Marco

off. "What the hell are you doing out here kid?" She gave me that same darting glare that

He would give if I had ever crossed the line when I was younger. Too bad for her;

it never worked. Even back then. "Don't give me that look, ya little shit. You're father

tried it on me all the time when we were kids," I leaned in close to her as I growled,

"and it never worked." Her eyes widened, as did the few members of her crew that had

heard the comment. "You know my father?!" I was about to answer her question when Grune,

Taku, and a small group of others started flapping their damn mouths. "We don't have time

for these little shits, Oyaji! We have to get to Marineford to get Ace. Not waist out

breaths on these little pains." More agreeing comments started to flow openly among the

crew. "Grune." The man in question looked at me. "I spared your life when I first met

you. Don't tempt me to rectify my decision." All chatter ceased. "Brat!" Letting out a

heavy sigh, I faced Oyaji. "You're brothers make a very valid point. Ace is our main

concern. We don't have time to waist with these little snot-nosed brat!" "SCREW YOU!" Not

once have I ever lashed out at the man who took me in as his daughter; accepted me, my

dog, and my best friend for who and what we were. Marco, as well as the others stared at

me in shock. In the year and a half that I have been a part of this crew, they have never

seen me like this. Marco, on the other hand has, and he knew damn well what was coming.

"GET THESE BRATS OFF MY SHIP! And, you…" The golden eyes of Edward Newgate stared down at

me with complete disappointment, "below deck. NOW! I will deal with you later." I had no

choice had I to make one last ditch effort to keep her safe. He would never

forgive me if I didn't, and I would never forgive myself. I made my decision just as Jozu

grabbed a hold of Melissa's upper arm. I felt my body shift, the feathers, my tail, my

wings.  I would defend my family at any cost. Ace was my family by crew. This girl was my

family by blood. I let a vengeful scream rip through the air before lunging and wrapping

my talons around Jozu's head. Slamming his head to the deck. By this time Whitebeard

himself had made his way towards us. I placed myself in between my him and the young girl

I would die defending. "DON'T TOUCH MY NIECE!"


  (Melissa's P.O.V.)  N…niece? Did she just call me her niece?  Whitebeard stopped

in his tracks, and everyone else fell silent. I looked at the massive griffin standing in

front of me, and then at the Towering captain. The look of anger and disappointment had

been replaced. Replaced by a look of understanding and acceptance. The First Division

Commander Marco the 'Phoenix' walked slowly to mythical beast. She on the other hand

still had protecting me and my crew in mind. She let out a loud screech; before walking

in a protective circle around me and my crew. Almost as to show the invisible line that

no one was to cross. "Oi. Haven, take it easy. Calm down, oi." Slowly, I watched as she

shifted back to her human form. "Haven." The way I heard Whitebeard call to the older red

head, I would have never thought that the legendary 'Strongest Man in the World' could

have such a gentle tone to him. Her green eyes darted over to me, almost as if she was

asking in her own way if we…I was ok. Nodding was the only response I could give, and she

accepted my answer. "I am sorry, child. I, we had no clue that this young one was your

niece.  Please…" She looked away from him, and sighed. "We are all under a great deal of

stress right now. Our main objective is to retrieve Ace. We can settle other matters

after our objective has been accomplished." I wanted to help Ace, too. But I also wanted

to know who this woman was, and why she was calling me her niece. Walking up to her, I

cleared my throat to get her attention. Turning around it was almost like looking at a

somewhat older version of myself. "I have some question. Who are you? How do you know my

dad? And why are you calling me your niece?" I heard Koto behind me mumbling something

about too many questions. I didn't care I wanted answers. Signing, she looked me directly

in the eyes. "My name is Netsuke D. Haven. You're father, Shanks Le Roux is my older

This is part of a collab that I am doing with :iconchadluvsme: I will be writing more for this collab. Also, this is my first collab. Tell me what you think, but be nice. ^^

One Piece (C) The Great Oda-sama
Melissa, Koto, Miyoko (C) :iconchadluvsme:
Netsuke D. Haven and Isis (C) Me :iconhellsoriginalangel:
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MissAmaterasu18 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Student Writer
Makoto: You have an Aunt, Melissa?
Melissa: Yeah, dum dum!
HellsOriginalAngel Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
Me: YOSH~! YEAY~! :squee: Thankies~!

Haven: Translation- she's happy. Great...where are my damn ear plugs.
MissAmaterasu18 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Student Writer
Melissa: Why ear plugs? She's not THAT annoying.
Miyoko: Melissa, just drop it.
Me: ^^ No problem. I'm glad that you're glad. ^^
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist
HellsOriginalAngel Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
LOL~! Yeah, its part of a collab with :iconchadluvsme: One of her characters is Shanks' daughter. Haven is Shanks' younger sister. Soooo......yeah, Haven has a niece. :D

BTW...did this turn out ok? :iconilltellonyouplz:
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist
Yes yes it did~
HellsOriginalAngel Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
Yeay~! :w00t: Haven sounded kinda scary there for a sec when she stood in between Oyaji and Melissa.

Haven: *glares* Care to repeat that comment?
Me: :iconwhistleplz: Nope~!
Haven: That's what I thought.
Me: And I finally started bringing Isis into the picture. :w00t:
Haven: Yeah, and when are you finally going to give her a boyfriend?
Isis: Haven!!!
Haven: What? Your not getting any younger.
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist
I love Haven.....with a 10 feet distance of me and her weapons
HellsOriginalAngel Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Me: :rofl: Most prople say that.
Haven: I don't know why? *shrugs* Oh yeah, By the way kid...*Takes a swig of booz* Thanks for the bottle, and I have a question for you.
Me: Oh boy...It's about the Ginger comment, isn't it?
Haven: Yep. *takes another swig of booz*
Me: :grump: You better be nice!
Haven: No promises. Ok, kid. Why in the hell are you callin' me ginger griffin?
Me: Cuz' ginger is tangy and...
Haven: I want her answer smart-ass. Not yours.
Me: Bitch.
Haven: Aww. Thank you. That was the nicest thing you have said to me all day.
Me: *mummbles* Now who's the smart-ass.
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist
I call you Ginger griffen because one, you can turn into a griffin and two~ You call red heads gingers
HellsOriginalAngel Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Haven: *shakes empty bottle* Ummm...Ok. Whatever. Got another bottle?
Me: She gave you a complement, and all you can do is ask for more booz?! :facepalm: Really?
Haven: Hell, I will be her best friend if she does.
Me: Netsuke D. Haven!!!
Haven: *sighs* Fine...I will love her forever if she kicks Ace in the ass and runs.

Thatch: I will pay some seriously good money to see that!!! *pulls out some big bills*
Me: :facepalm: You would.
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